Chestnut Cookies 中に栗が丸ごとゴロッっと入った栗クッキー

We made chestnut shaped cookies. In the centerof each there’s a marron glacé we made. Ahh, Autumn.
*Recipe* (14 Cookies)
Making the marron glacé
1. Add 155g (About 16) of Tenshin Amaguri, 50g of sugar, and 120g of water to a small pot, and heat over a flame.
2. Once the water’s boiled, set to a low flame and simmer for 25 minutes.
3. Once the water’s almost all gone, add 1 tbsp of brandy, heat until the alcohol content is expelled, then turn off the flame.
4. Once cooled, empty into a sieve or net, then prepare the syrup.

Making the cookies
5. Soften up 50g of unsalted butter, then add 50g of sugar (this time we used kibi sugar) and mix.
6. Add 40g of chestnut jam (chestnut paste) and continue to mix.
7. Sift in 90g of weak flour and 10g of cocoa powder, then thoroughly mix everything with a spatula to make one large clump of mix.
8. Separate the mix into 14 portions (roughly 16g each).
9. Take the marron glacé from step 4 and wrap them with the mix from step 8, then mold them into a chestnut shape. If you make a pointy bit at the top it’ll look just like a chestnut once baked.
10. Use egg whites to cover the cookies with almond powder.
11. Bake for 15 minutes in an oven preheated to 170 degrees.
12. Finished! Ahh, Autumn. Dig in!

栗の形のクッキー作りました。中には なんちゃってで作ったマロングラッセを1粒まるごと包みました。秋だなぁ・・・ってかもう今年終わる!

1.小鍋に天津甘栗 155g(16粒)、砂糖 50g、水 120gを入れ、火にかける。
3.水分が少なくなったらブランデー 大さじ 1を加え、アルコールを飛ばし、火を止める。

5.無塩バター 50gを柔らかくし、砂糖(今回、きび砂糖)40gを入れ、混ぜる。
6.栗ジャム(栗ペースト) 40gを入れ、混ぜる。
7.薄力粉 90g、ココアパウダー 10gをふるい入れ、ヘラでさっくり混ぜ、ひとまとまりにする。


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