Frog Hat Inari Sushi カエル帽子のお稲荷さん

We made character inari for the first time in a while. Unlike before ( ), we tried using matcha to decorate it like a frog.
If you eat these before a track and field tournament, you might be able to hop, skip, and leap like a frog and get a good score!
*Recipe* (10 frogs)
1. Cut 5 pieces of fried tofu in half.
2. Open them up and make it into a bag-like shape.
3. Pour plenty of boiling water over them, drain the oil, and keep in the net.
4. Dissolve 5 grams of matcha in 100 grams of hot water.
5. In a pot, add step 4, 30 grams of sugar, 35 grams of mirin and 23 grams of white dashi soup stock and bring to a boil.
6. Arrange the lightly drained step 3 in the pot and simmer until it soaks up the flavoring.
7. Once it’s been simmered until there’s only a small amount of broth left, take the pot off of the heat.
8. Put in a storage container and let it rest (About one night in the fridge).
9. Make vinegar rice with 2 cups of rice that is cooked on the hard side.
10. Divide and mold the rice into 10 pieces (one piece is approximately 65 grams).
11. Take the fried tofu from step 8, fold inward, and put step 10 inside.
12. Prepare decorations with thinly sliced kamaboko (fish cake) and seaweed.
13. Use ingredients from step 12 to decorate step 11. If it doesn’t stick well, mayonnaise works well as a glue.
14. Finished. “Mr. Frog your complexion doesn’t look too good, you know?” “It’s my natural color!”


1.油揚げ 5枚を半分に切る。
4.抹茶 5gは、お湯 100gで溶かしておく。
5.鍋に4、砂糖 30g、みりん 35g、白だし 23gを入れ、ひと煮立ちさせる。
12.薄切りにした かまぼこ と海苔でデコパーツを準備する。


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