Nightmare Before Halloween Skull Dumplings ナイトメア・ビフォア・ハロウィン的なスカル・カスタードまん

These skull-shaped dumplings have syrupy custard oozing from their mouth! Eat them piping hot!
Recipe: (8 Skulls)
First up, we make the custard.
1. Mix 10g of corn starch with 40g of sugar before sieving.
2. Add 130g of milk and mix again.
3. Mix in 1 egg yolk (25g, this time we used a pair) before adding vanilla extract.
4. Strain the mixture
5. Gently wrap the mixture then heat in a microwave at 500w for 2 minutes.
6. Mix some more.
7. Once again, wrap the mixture and heat in a microwave at 500w for 2 minutes.
8. Mix in 5g of butter.
9. If the mixture becomes too hard mix in some more milk. On this occasion we added 70g.
10. Separate into 8 pieces and freeze in the freezer (total amount 230g)

Next we make the dough for the dumplings (knead by hand).
11. Take 120g of bread flour, 80g of rice flour, a little less than 1/2 a teaspoon of salt, 13g of sugar, 3g of dry yeast and 100-120g water (check how much you need as you go, on this occasion we used 115g), and mix them all together thoroughly before kneading the resulting dough.
12. Once all the ingredients are clumped together, add 11g of salad oil and knead some more.
13. Once kneaded to a smooth shape, place in a bowl lightly coated with salad oil. Then leave it at 35ºC for 35 minutes until it begins to ferment.
14. Once it has inflated to about twice its size, degas the dough.
15. Divide the dough into 8 pieces (roughly 43g a piece), roll into a round shape and cover with a damp tea-towel. Take care to avoid dough drying.
16. Spread evenly over the custard from step 10 and cut into ten 10cm squares, which are then to be placed on to a baking sheet. It’s fine if there are some irregularities, in the end the custard will be oozing out so they’ll close up tightly.
17. Carve out space for eyes using a pair of scissors and place some black soybeans in there once finished cooking.
18. Steam for 8 minutes in a boiling steamer.
19. While they’re still hot carve out the mouth section, then you can enjoy these delicious dumplings while the custard oozes out. Be careful not to burn yourself!

1.コーンスターチ 10gと砂糖 40gを合わせてふるう。
2.1を混ぜあわせ、牛乳 130gも入れ混ぜる。
3.卵黄 1個分(25g 今回双子でした)も入れ混ぜ、バニラエッセンスを加える。
8.バター 5gを加え混ぜる。
10.8個に分けて冷凍する。(全量 230g)

11.強力粉 120g、米粉 80gに塩 小さじ1/2弱、砂糖 13g、ドライイースト 3g、水 100g~120g(様子をみながら加える。今回は115gでした)を加え混ぜ、捏ねる。
12.だいたいひとまとまりになったら、サラダ油 11gも加え捏ねる。

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