Giant Ice Cream Emoji Cake 絵文字みたいなでっかいチョコアイスバーのデザート

We made a huge ice bar-like dessert covered in chocolate. It’s not frozen hard so it’s easy to slice up. This dessert is even more delicious when it’s half melted. It’s perfect for sharing with a bunch of people.

From a long time ago, it was one of our fantasies to make an ice bar with this kind of whimsical design. We were glad to finally be able to bring it to life.


1. Add 900 ml of milk, 150 ml of water and 6 gm of powdered agar in a saucepan to dissolve it. Boil it gently for one minute.
2. Turn off the stove and add 120 gm of sugar and 150 gm of sweetened condensed milk.
3. Once it has cooled down to about 50 degrees, put in a container and freeze.
4. Take it out of the container when it’s completely frozen.
5. Cut open a slit and put in a bar.
6. Pour chocolate and sprinkles.
7. It’s done.

Because of the condensed milk, it’s not frozen hard. The agar slows down the melting process. When the bar is half melted, it’s even more delicious. Or rather, it’s delicious when it’s completely melted.

If it melts, you can put it back in the freezer and do other stuff while it’s freezing.

The chocolate breaks off easily, so be careful when you’re moving it around!

チョコレートが かかった でっかいアイスバー風なデザート作りました。ガチガチに凍らないので、すぐに切り分けられ、さらに半溶けからも美味しいので、大勢でシェアして食べる用のデザートとしてもぴったりです。

1.鍋に牛乳 900ml、水 150ml、粉寒天 6gを入れ煮溶かす。静かに1分ほど沸騰させる。
2.火からおろし、砂糖 120g、加糖練乳 150gを加え混ぜる。



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