Easy No-Butter Chocolate Far Breton バター不要の簡単レシピ チョコレートファーブルトン

We made a chocolate-flavoured Far Breton. They’re great as gifts since they are easy to make in batches. You won’t need to add any butter, and it can be done simply by mixing everything together!


1. Beat 3 eggs.
2. Add 80g of sugar and mix well.
3. Sieve 100g of soft wheat flour and 20g of cocoa powder together.
4. Pour 400g of milk while mixing.
5. Add 1 tablespoon of your preferred liquor (we used Cointreau this time) and mix well.
6. Prepare 75g of chocolate in your preferred mold.
7. After 7 minutes, pour the mixture from step 5 into the mold of step 6.
8. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius and allow the small cups of molds to bake for 25 minutes. Large molds should be baked for 35 minutes. If it appears to be burnt along the way, please cover it with an aluminium foil.
9. If you’d like to, glaze 15g of melted unsalted butter on the surface as the cake rises. This will give it a glossy finish. (If you’re not consuming it on the same day, the oil would rise up to the surface. In this case, it’s better to dust the surface with powdered sugar, which does not melt, in order to give it a beautiful finish.)
10. Let it cool and sprinkle some powdered sugar that does not melt.

1.卵 3個を溶きほぐす。
2.砂糖 80gを入れ混ぜる。
3.薄力粉 100gとココアパウダー 20gをあわせてふるい入れる。
4.混ぜながら牛乳 400gを入れる。
5.お好みで洋酒(今回はコアントロー)大さじ 1を加え混ぜる。
6.お好みの型にチョコレート 75gを並べる。
9.焼きあがったらお好みで溶かし無塩バター 15gを塗る。ツヤが出ます。(その日のうちに食べない場合は油が浮いてくるので、溶けない粉糖をふって仕上げたほうがキレイです。)


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