Nutella Polkadot Mousse With Oreos オレオをのせたヌテラ・ポルカドット・ムース


*レシピ*(満水状態で650mlの容器 1個分)
3.水 32gに粉ゼラチン 8gをふり入れてふやかしておく。
4.鍋にヌテラ 1瓶 200gと牛乳 250gを入れ火にかける。
7.生クリーム 200mlに砂糖 20gを入れ少し緩めに泡立てる。
9.残りの生クリームも加え混ぜる。(ここでこすと なめらかな仕上がりになる)


We made mousse with an entire bottle of Nutella! It was very rich, and we made a cute white polkadot design by using Oreos. Try making it with your favorite transparent container!

*Recipe* (one per one container with 650 ml of water when filled to the brim)

1. Cut the marshmallows with string.
2. Paste one sticky cut face on your favorite transparent container. You can use multiple small containers if you’d like.
3. Pour 8g of powdered gelatin into 32g of water and let it bloom.
4. Put 200g of Nutella and 250g of milk in a pot and put it on the heat.
5. Heat the milk until it’s about to boil, dissolve the Nutella and remove it from the fire.
6. Add 3 to 5 and dissolve. Let it cool.
7. Add 20g of sugar into 200 ml of whipped cream and whisk it slightly to loosen the mixture.
8. Add half of 7 into 6, which has been cooled until it’s about body temperature. Mix.
9. Add the remaining whipped cream and stir the whole mixture (when you’re done, everything should be smooth and evenly combined).
10. Pour 9 into 2.
11. Cool for approximately 15 to 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
12. Take it out for a bit to decorate it with Oreo bits.
13. Chill it in the refrigerator for about an hour and a half.
14. Cut and serve. Of course, you can have it all by yourself if you’d like! The gooey marshmallows go really well with the Oreos and mousse and it’s incredibly delicious.

To tell the truth, I planned to sandwich some Oreos in the middle, but they floated to the top, so it failed… (cf. Bloopers at the end)

I realized that it would’ve been better if I’d cooled the Oreos in the refrigerator before putting the mousse liquid on top. I hope this helps!


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