All-natural Santa Hat Chocolate Cake ( no food coloring! ) ビーツを使ったサンタ帽子のチョコレートケーキ 着色料なし

We made a Santa hat cake with beet juice, so there’s no food coloring. It’s even more festive if you garnish it with whipped cream and red sauce!
*Recipe* (One 18cm tin)
1. Make 140g of canned beetroots into a puree. This time, we added one tablespoon of canned juice and put it in the mixer.
2. Add unsalted butter 35g to 50g of chocolate and melt it.
3. Mix 40g of unsalted butter and 40g of granulated sugar in a bowl.
4. Add egg and mix it in slowly.
5. Add 2 and stir.
6. Add 1 and stir.
7. Add 4g of baking powder to 85g of wheat flour and stir.
8. Sift 7 into 6 and mix gently as not to make it sticky.
9. Pour the mixture into a circular mold with a diameter of 18 centimeters.
10. Bake for 30 minutes in preheated oven at 170°C.
11. Let it cool.
12. Make a red sauce. Put 50g of frozen raspberries, 25g of granulated sugar and one teaspoon of lemon juice into the pan and simmer.
13. Remove the 11 from the mold and cut it up. Decorate with whipped cream, and put on the red sauce.


*レシピ*(18センチ セルクル 1個分)
1.缶詰めのビーツ 140gをピューレにする。今回は、缶詰めの汁 大さじ1を加えて、ミキサーにかけました。
2.チョコレート 50gに無塩バター 35gを加え溶かしておく。
3.ボウルに無塩バター 40gとグラニュー糖 40gを混ぜる。
4.溶き卵 1個を少しずつ加え混ぜる。
7.薄力粉 85gにベーキングパウダー 4gを入れ混ぜる。
12.赤いソースを作る。鍋に冷凍ラズベリー 50g、グラニュー糖 25g、レモン汁 小さじ 1を入れ、煮る。


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