An Apple-Like Apple Pie りんごそのまんま アップルパイ

A little while ago, “photogenic cross cut” became popular in SNS , and you could say that this is a similar concept.
We made an apple pie that takes advantage of an apple’s cute shape. This is a pie that’s both cute and delicious!
We mostly use watermelons at MosoGourmet, but we also have quite a few apple recipes because Moso Mom was born in Nagano Prefecture,Japan.
Apple Sweets:…
*Recipe* (Makes four)
1. Take one Johnathan apple and cut it in half so that the core remains on one side. Then cut it into four smaller slices. Make five radial cuts on the outer skin of the apple. Put the apple into some lemon water so that the apple doesn’t go brown.
2. Pour enough syrup to slightly submerge the apples in the pot. Prepare the syrup so that for every one part water there is 1.25 parts sugar. This time we’ve just used the leftover syrup from our “apple chips” recipe.
3. Place the pot on the heat, and once it starts to boil, add one teaspoon of lemon juice.
4. Add one apple, and once it begins to boil again, turn it over and turn off the flame.
5. Leave the apple in the syrup to cool.
6. Place the lightly cut syrup onto a rolled out frozen pie sheet.
7. Cut around the apple leaving about a 1.5 centimeter edge. If you have enough pie sheet and room left in your heart, then you can make some leaf decorations for added cuteness.
8. Mix one egg and 30g of sugar.
9. Brush the pies with the egg and sugar mix.
10. Bake the pies in an oven preheated at 180 degrees for 18 minutes.
11. Enjoy them while they’re hot. We wish we had some vanilla ice cream to enjoy this with!


1.りんご(紅玉) 1個は、片方にジクが残るように真ん中で切る。さらに切り、4つにスライスする。外側の皮面に、放射状に5本切り込みを入れる。色が変わらないようにレモン水に入れる。
3.2を火にかけ、沸騰したら、レモン汁 小さじ1とお好みでブランデー 小さじ1を入れる。
8.卵 1個に砂糖 30gを入れ混ぜる。


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