DIY Cut-Out Candy ( a little ASMR ) カラフル・カタヌキつくってみた Do you know Katanuki ?

We made DIY katanuki (cut out candy), great for picnics or festivals.
They’re a little different from what you get at the store, but that’s

Inspired by Daily Portal Z

*Recipe* (makes 15)
1. Add the food coloring of your choice to 13g of starch syrup.
2. Pour 15g of cooked rice powder through a sieve.
3. Mix well so that no lumps remain.
4. Let the dough rest for some time. Put it on an oven sheet and
stretch thinly when it has become less sticky.
5. Cut into chunks of 2.5cm x 3.5cm in size.
6. Press your choice of cutter into the cut dough. The difficulty of
using the cutters change depending on how hard or soft you press them.
7. Remove the excess and stretch the remaining dough again.
8. Dry well in an oven that is preheated to 100 degrees for 60
minutes. It would be good to press the dough down when it rises during
the process. Watch out for burns.
9. Coat it with potato starch or cornstarch after it has cooled down
and dust off the excess powder.
10. Fold to complete.
11. Put it in a box and have fun with it whenever you like. You get a
prize when it is done well!

市販のカタヌキとはちょっと違っちゃいましたが、Moso Katanukiできました。
参考にしました Daily Portal Z
1.水飴 13gに食用色素で好みの色に着色する。
2.寒梅粉 15gをふるい入れる。


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