Whole Rainbow Red Kiwi and Panna Cotta Pound Cake 丸ごとレインボーレッドキウイのパンナコッタ・パウンドケーキ

You can see the video of a previous recipe using strawberries here:
This time round, we filled the cake with plenty of kiwi fruit and panna cotta. This cake is not only fun to make, it’s fun to slice up!
*Recipe* (For a 15x7x6.5cm cake tin)
1) Add 55g of granulated sugar to 110g of unsalted butter at room temperature, and mix.
2) Mix in 3 beaten eggs a little at a time.
3) Sift in 140g of cake flour and 2g of baking powder.
4) Fold the mixture together using a rubber spatula.
5) Pour the mixture into a cake tin.
6) Bake for around 43 minutes in an oven preheated to 170°C.
7) Insert a skewer into the cake to check if it’s cooked through. If the skewer comes out clean, the cake is ready.
8) Gently remove the cake while it is still warm.
9) Cover the cake to keep the moisture in, and allow to cool.
10) Make incisions with a knife to help you hollow out the center. As a guide, we tried to leave about a 1.5cm thickness along the bottom, with 1.3cm thick walls on the short sides of the cake, and 1cm thick walls on the long sides.
11) Remove the skins from the kiwis and line them along the bottom of the cake.
12) Sift 10g of gelatin powder into 60ml of water.
13) In a small pan, heat 60g of granulated sugar, 200ml of milk, and 100g of fresh cream.
14) Lower the heat just before it reaches boiling point, then mix in the gelatin mixture from step 12.
15) Cool the mixture off while continuing to mix, until it starts to thicken.
16) Pour this mixture over the kiwis in the cake.
17) Chill in the fridge.
18) Decorate as you please.
19) Slice the cake, aiming to slice through the center of the kiwis for an impressive visual impact, then enjoy!

We just happened across the rainbow red kiwis at our local supermarket. When we searched online, we found out that they are quite a rare variety of kiwi containing little of the protease enzyme actinidain, which is an allergen. In this cake, we enjoyed them raw encapsulated in the panna cotta-style jelly. Still very few of these kiwi fruits are being grown, but they are very sweet and delicious.

パウンドケーキをくり抜いて、以前やったイチゴに続いて https://youtu.be/NOzxt85koBE

*レシピ*(15✕7✕H6.5センチ パウンド型)
1.室温に戻しておいた、無塩バター 110gにグラニュー糖 55gを入れ混ぜる。
2.溶き卵 3個を数回に分けて入れ、その都度 混ぜる。
3.強力粉 140g、ベーキングパウダー 2gをふるい入れる。

12.水 60gに粉ゼラチン 10gをふり入れておく。
13.小鍋にグラニュー糖 60g、牛乳 200ml、生クリーム 100gを入れ、火にかける。

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