Shrimp and Soba Tempura 海老そば天ぷら

Just as the title suggests, we tried to make tempura using shrimp and soba. It may sound like a joke initially, but it actually tastes really good. I would recommend it. Please note that it does not double up as a Christmas tree ornament!
*Recipe* (Makes 7 Servings of Shrimp and Soba Tempura of 5.5 cm in Diameter)
1. Remove the veins of the shrimps and boil the shrimps in their shells for about 2.5 minutes.
2. Cool them on the bamboo basket and remove the shells.
3. Boil the soba. Use 100g of the dried noodles as shown on the packaging this time around.
4. Rinse with water and dry well.
5. Wrap 2 (prepared shrimps) in 4 (noodles) and freeze. The weight of each piece is about 50g.
6. Dip the frozen result from 5 in tempura powder that has been dissolved in water and fry. 150g of water should be added to 120g of tempura powder. The result will be thicker than shown on the packaging.
7. Enjoy immediately. It tastes amazing if you top it with green onions and ginger, and dip it in the tempura sauce. I guess you can definitely use it as decoration on the Christmas tree. It would work, wouldn’t it? I’m sorry.

*レシピ*(直径5.5センチ エビ天ぷらそば 7個分)
3.そばを茹でる。今回は乾麺 100gを袋の表示通り茹でました。
6.冷凍した5を水で溶いた天ぷら粉につけて揚げる。天ぷら粉 120gに水 150g。袋表示よりもかためにしています。

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